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Sadly, no. We have to pay for copyright access to our music, and we do this through a subscription service in which we choose songs from. We usually can’t use your favorite new T. Swift or Beyonce song, as there usually aren’t rights available to use those songs. We go the legal route in this business! However, we DO get to know you as a couple throughout the process, so we can usually find songs that best represent your relationship- we haven’t had anyone be dissatisfied! See our previous films to get a feel for what our style is like, so you can know what to expect.

01. Do we get to choose our songs in our video? 

We shoot everything on dual slot cameras, so we’re already using a backup as we go. When we get home, we upload to an SSD drive AND an online cloud service that has unlimited storage. Your memories are safe with us!

02. How do we know our files will be safe?

We will go anywhere you want to take us! We are happy to say we have eliminated travel fees for everywhere within Minnesota or North Dakota! We will build you a proposal with everything built-in and one final cost- no surprises or charge per mile for gas here!

03. Do you travel and/or have travel fees?

We do offer raw footage as an add-on, which will give you a continuous recording of your ceremony and speeches.

04. Can we get raw footage?

YES! We love making connections and providing an authentic and respectful experience to everyone we come in contact with! We prioritize good communication at the beginning of the day. If you hire us for photo or video only, we will make sure we connect with your photographer/videographer before the wedding day and make sure we are all on the same page- to serve YOU!

05. Do you work well with other vendors?

YES! We offer a 5% discount to healthcare workers, police/fire marshall, military, and family and friends. If you refer someone and they book with us, you get 15% off your next photo session!

06. Do you offer discounts?