5 Top Minnesota Wedding Venues

1. Pinewood Weddings & Events Venue

Pinewood is at the top of this category for many reasons. It sits nestled in the tall pine trees which make the perfect backdrop for an outdoor wedding ceremony – during ANY season! If it’s too cold or a chance of rain, there is an indoor ceremony space all set up and ready, just in case, that is equally as stunning. This venue boasts of natural light and stunning architecture that will make your day one to remember. This Minnesota Wedding Venue is perfect for couples who love the outdoors, Minnesota’s nature, modern aesthetics, and having your day be all in one place. Check out this wedding from Pinewood we captured (photo gallery and matching film)

You can visit their website to inquire on further services and availability HERE.

Bride and Groom taking snowy couple portraits in front of Pinewood Weddings & Events Venue in Minnesota during the winter

2. Woodhaven Weddings & Events

We LOVE Woodhaven. It is the perfect backdrop for anyone’s big day! It is located on a golf course, and has stunning windows that provide natural light throughout the whole building. This Minnesota wedding venue provides a clean and modern aesthetic for photos, and has multiple spaces inside the building that provide a seamless flow to the day to separate the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. An added bonus: all the staff we have worked with are outstanding! Check out our Winter Woodhaven Wedding Gallery here!

Couple kissing at wedding reception at Woodhaven Weddings & Events in Minnesota

3. Catalyst Nature Link

Minnesota Wedding at Catalyst Nature Link on the Lake in Fall

This Minnesota Wedding Venue is the perfect fit for any couples who love being connected to nature. Minnesota has lots of natural beauty, and this venue emphasizes that with it’s natural white oak exterior and floor-to-ceiling windows that provide the perfect opportunity for stunning wedding portraits. There is an outdoor and indoor ceremony space that are both stunning. The fireplace inside makes a perfect environment for guests to enjoy during cocktail hour, paired with the indoor/outdoor bar. All this rests right on the lake for couples who love the lake and want their wedding right on one! Check out our Catalyst Wedding Photo Gallery, and this film from fall of 2023 to match!

4. Ivory North Co

This Modern Minnesota Wedding Venue is a stunning remodeled white barn with a new patio area that is enclosed with white drapes and warming curtains to help maintain heat during colder months. There is a brand-new airbnb on site that can be utilized for getting ready spaces and also for the bride & groom to stay on the wedding night. There is a beautiful bridal space with a kitchenette area downstairs, and a separate space for the men. This venue has an outdoor and indoor ceremony option, and a beautiful field for gorgeous photos – especially at sunset! Check out this Ivory North Co Film we did in Summer of 2023, or This Popular Wedding Film we did Fall of 2021!

couple posing for wedding photos at white barn wedding venue in minnesota
Minnesota Wedding in Mora, MN at Ivory North Co

5. Carlos Creek Winery – Bold North Cellars

We can see a common trend here, Minnesota has beautiful venues for those who love trees and the outdoors, paired with a modern venue on site. This venue in Alexandria, MN has a gorgeous ceremony site with a long brick aisle under a canopy of trees, creating a stunning environment in any season. This is a winery wedding venue, with a newly remodeled getting ready space and reception area. There are plenty of photo areas, and even a brewing hall right across the parking lot! Here is a Carlos Creek Photo Gallery we did in October of 2022!

wedding ceremony at winery wedding venue in minnesota

Things to consider when finding your venue:

  1. Availability – It may take time to find the right fit for both of you, and that’s okay! However, don’t hesitate to reach out to venues to figure out when their availability is! These venues book fast, as do most popular and modern wedding venues in Minnesota.
  2. Aesthetics – Your venue aesthetic will MAKE your wedding photos. Carefully consider the vibe and feel you want to be reflected in your photos and video, because your venue is the #1 factor in this.
  3. Getting Ready Spaces – if your getting ready space is dark and has no windows, or is cramped and small on space, it may be hard for your photographer/videographer to create beautiful photos in this environment. Think about renting out an airbnb that has white walls, windows, and space for everyone to get ready so you can remember this part of the day beautifully!
  4. Indoor/Outdoor Ceremony Options – if you want an outdoor ceremony, is there a backup option indoors that you also love? No one can control the weather so if it rains or is too cold, you will have to be ok with the photos you get in your backup option!
  5. Staff – You will be working closely with the venue managers and coordinators. Make sure they are easy to work with, kind to vendors, and thoughtful of your desires. Your voice needs to be heard when it comes to your wishes on your big day!
  6. Nearby Accommodations -Are there places nearby for your guests to stay? Can you reserve a hotel block somewhere close? Will you need transportation to and from the venue? These are all great questions to consider when thinking about venue location for you and your guests.
  7. Policies – make sure you ask about their policies. There can be hidden fees or requirements you’re unaware of at first, and we want all of our couples to be aware of what they are signing their name to!

In Conclusion,

After lots of experience with Minnesota Wedding Venues, we know there are plenty of options for couples looking to find the perfect place to tie the knot! Make sure to find the right fit for your needs in terms of style, location, availability, amenities, policies and aesthetics. The perfect venue DOES exist!

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