Ashley and Grant | Boho Wedding with Motorcycle Exit

Where do we even begin with these two!?

I (Caroline) met Ashley in college through our campus ministry called Chi Alpha- which is NOT greek life! Although we weren’t close, I definitely followed along with her life through social media and loved seeing her relationship with Grant through that lens.

When COVID hit, they had to postpone their big wedding celebration and instead went to elope on the coast in California. This couple is SO special because of their deep love for the Lord. Even though they didn’t get their “big day” right away and had to wait, they were still so ecstatic to be married. They wanted to make sure everyone knew their focus was on their marriage and not just a wedding.

When the time rolled around to celebrate in style with family and friends one year later, celebrate they did! Complete with a white Nikes, a fun mother-daughter dance, and a motorcycle exit in a white jumpsuit, they added so many unique attributes to the day. Their worship song during their ceremony was “Reckless Love” by Cory Asbury and it so accurately represented their relationship with God!

You CANNOT miss these motorcycle photos! These bikes are actually theirs, and Ashley loves to ride! We were so happy they could incorporate this passion into their day- it was probably one of the most unique and fun exits we’ve ever seen (and probably will see, but we won’t speak too soon)!

All in all, we had a blast getting to journey through this experience with Ashley and Grant, we appreciate working with lovely couples like this that are so genuine and SERIOUSLY COOL.